My name is Grace Gillan, I am a mother, musician and activist.

“This mother’s wish” started as an idea for a political music video for my band and mini documentary about Extinction Rebellion and our actions in London. However now it is gathering it’s own strength and momentum and carving it’s own identity as a peaceful protest action.

In the third verse of my song “Love and Rage” the lyrics say…

“The truth and the lies they’ll all wash away in the end,
But what we leave behind has the power to hinder or mend,
And we’ll all bare the weight cos we’ve all been complicit in this,
But to say that we didn’t give up would be this mother’s wish”.

Essentially our wish is that our governments will TELL THE TRUTH and ACT NOW to protect our children, our wildlife and our ecosystem.

There are literally millions/billions of mum’s out there worrying about the the collapse of our biosphere, the climate crisis and our societal breakdown.
Most don’t have the free time or confidence to step outside of their usual social patterns and commitments to be on the street for a protest.

But this is something almost every single one of us a can do!

Everything I have done for the rebellion and the refugee crisis in recent years has been fuelled by my desire to be an active part of a solution to these horrific disasters. Knowing they will only get a million times worse in my son’s lifetime, for me it is better than surrendering to apathy, depression or denial.

Let’s all act together as one voice and demand change.

The portraits are well and truly pouring in now and I’ve realised just how strongly this is appealing to people as a heart expression and protest action.

So for that reason we will soon have a website so that even after the documentary/music video is done we can keep collecting!

It is my hope that we will easily break a million mother’s united in this action so it can be presented to the Tate Gallery as an exhibition. Indeed why not also present it to our government and the UN as a political petition for system change!

We are running out of time but being part of the community pushing for change is the most healing and empowering thing we can do right now, it’s what has given me purpose and determination.❤️?❤️

We are in the sixth mass extinction.

By 2050 the UN has predicted that we will have 200 million more refugees in the world.

We are loosing 200 species a day.

In the UK carbon emissions are still increasing by 2% every year!

This project will be as multi-culturally diverse as possible. Mother’s worldwide speaking as one. I am connecting with mum’s across the world who are being affected right now by climate change, Brazil, the Amazon, India, the Solomon Islands, California, New Orleans, Haiti, the list goes on and on. Please share and tag every mother you know that this will l resonate with??

A connection must be made between the mum’s living it and the mum’s waiting for it to reach their back yard.

Untill now we have been a silent majority!

We must speak out to defend eachother.


So make yourself known if you’d like to be part of this global action. You’ll be giving a face and a voice to millions of Mothers around the world demanding an immediate response to the very real dangers humanity and all life on Earth are facing.

Here’s what to do…


Make your sign saying “This mother’s wish” please be sure lettering is bold and readable❤️

Choose your spot and make your portrait. We have mother’s joining us from all over the world now so choose your backdrop to reflect your family and community. It could be while your at work, at home doing the dishes, with your babies, with your mum. We have some with four generations in now!!❤️ It could be a beautiful nature spot close to you or a place affected by climate change that you wish to protect.

Even if you’re not a mother, worry not!

Tag everyone that you know that would love to be a part of this!

Make your own sign and collect all the mother’s that you know who are scared and outraged but don’t have a voice.

Send me 1 or send me 20 depending on how much this resonates with you and how many amazing and beautiful mother’s you know.